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Barely a day goes by without me hearing someone comment that being part of the Chevalier College community is like being part of a big extended family. Our students – past and present -and their families share a
unique bond cultivated by the College’s values and history, a history that started to be written in 1946. They feel
strengthened and supported by their place in a community where the opportunity to achieve is available to all who ant to take up the challenge and they will be loved for who they are.

Like any family, our Chevalier family is kept strong by the support we give each other in times of need. Sometimes that need manifests itself in a tragedy or a crisis where the support required is immediate. At other times, it manifests as a need to find the support and strength to meet our
future goals, which is where we find ourselves now. The Building Chevalier campaign is a time where we are asking our Chev family to come together and help overcome the challenges standing in our way.

The College has grown so much in recent decades that significant parts of its infrastructure are now struggling to meet our current and future needs. We again need to show the same foresight, commitment and generosity
that inspired the MSC and Chevalier communities of the past to build what we have today, excellent facilities that have served us well but that we have now outgrown or are overdue for rejuvenation. Our students, staff and community need access to contemporary purpose-built facilities designed for the learning environment of the 21stcentury. The Chevalier family deserves to have spaces where they can gather together to both connect and celebrate, as well as to develop and demonstrate their talents.

Please show your support for the Building Chevalier campaign, in whatever way you can, and for the Chevalier College community. Together we can create spaces for hearts and minds to grow, now and in the days and years



If you would like to donate to Building Chevalier – click HERE.


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