Esprit Du Chevalier

In 2014 the Esprit du Chevalier (Spirit of the Knight) Medal was created as the peak public honour that can be conferred by Chevalier College.

The award is based on recognition of a person, typically a Chevalier past student or someone with a connection to the College, who has lived their life, much like the knights of old, with a “sense of mission” – a quality much prized by the MSC founder Fr Jules Chevalier. That sense of mission would have resulted for the award recipients in a positive record of achievement, service, representation or impact whether it be at an international, national, state, or regional level, including service and philanthropy toward the College itself.


The award is able to be conferred posthumously but can also be awarded to younger alumni who have achieved significantly in their career, public office, community service or cultural and sporting endeavours.

The first Esprit du Chevalier Medal was awarded to Fr Tyson Doneley msc OAM. The second medal has been awarded posthumously to the late Trevor Bouffier, a stalwart of the past students’ association over many decades. This medal was awarded to Trevor’s wife Shirley at the Pioneers Lunch that drew over 100 students from the 1946-59 era. The third award has been conferred on the late Brigadier Damian Roche (CPS ’73) and the medal will be presented to his family at a function in Canberra in 2015. Most recently, the College Board has also awarded the medal to Sir John Dawanincura (CPS ’64) who was the long-serving Secretary-General of the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee. This medal was awarded to Sir John on 8th November at the Back to Chev dinner.

The Esprit du Chevalier Medal is presented in a display box with ribbon and custom lapel pin along with a framed signed citation under the College Seal.



Esprit du Chevalier Medal Honour Roll

1 Fr Tyson Doneley msc OAM 1921-2015 21/07/2014
2 Trevor Bouffier (cps 1948) 1931 – 2011 21/07/2014
3 Brigadier Damian Roche CSC (cps 1973) 1956 – 2014 21/07/2014
4 Sir John Dawanincura Kt. OBE (cps 1964) 19/10/2014
5 Fr John Franzmann msc College Headmaster 1975 – 1980 19/10/2015
6 Anthony (Tony) Herlihy (cps 1954) cps 1954
7 Dr Thomas Kubu (cps 1975) 1955 – 2014 16/11/2015
8 Chris Topp Chairman Chevalier College Board 16/11/2015

 Fr Tyson Doneley msc OAM  1921-2015

Round Table Society Launch 12 August 2014 NSW Parliament House

Fr Tyson Doneley with Matt Waugh (Deputy Chair, Chevalier College Board)

Fr Tyson Doneley and Chris Topp, chairman Chevalier College Board


Brigadier Damian Roche CSC 1956-2014

Sunday 29 March 2015 Briars Country Lodge

Chris Topp Chairman of Chevalier College Board presenting Bede Roche with Esprit du Chevalier Medal  Dick Simpson Chair of Chevalier College Foundation Council with Tess and Bede Roche







Dr Thomas Kubu 1955 – 2014   

Saturday 7 November 2015 Back2Chev Reunion Dinner




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