Chev v Oxley in Football and Rugby this weekend – Saturday 19 May 2018


This weekend, we are playing Oxley in football (soccer) + rugby and our Hockey and Netball 1sts have home games.

Thankfully, the weather looks MUCH nicer than last weekend! The competitors would love some support from the Chev Community.

If you are in the area, these are the game times:


Junior A – Chev Far Avenue 2 – 9am


1sts – Chev Far Avenue 1 – 12:00pm
2nds – Chev Far Avenue 1 – 10:15am
14A – Chev Far Avenue 2 – 11:30am
13A – Chev Far Avenue 2 – 10:15am


1sts – Chev Main Oval – 1:30pm
16s – Chev Main Oval – 12:15pm
15s – Chev Main Oval – 11:00am
14s – Chev Main Oval – 10:00am
13s – Chev Main Oval -9:00am

Also, 1sts HOCKEY + NETBALL have home games this weekend.

1sts HOCKEY – 10:15am
1sts NETBALL – 11:30am




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