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The Esprit du Chevalier Medal

General Information

This award, the Esprit du Chevalier (“Spirit of the Knight”) Medal is conferred on a person, persons or group with a connection to Chevalier College or its community, in most cases a past student, but it could also be a current or former staff member, current student, or current or past parent. In exceptional cases it might awarded to an outstanding person or dignitary without a prior existing connection to Chevalier College but who embodies the ethos being celebrated by the award and in recognition of their contribution to the wider community. This might be the case when, for example, such a dignitary has occasion to visit the College.

The award is be based on recognition of a person who has lived their life, much like the knights of old, with a “sense of mission” – a quality much prized by the MSC founder, Jules Chevalier. That sense of mission results in a positive record of achievement, service, representation or impact and ideally exhibits the following characteristics of the MSC ministry:

A spirit of family and a spirit of brotherhood

Formed by kindness and understanding

By compassion and mutual forgiveness

By gentleness, humility and simplicity

By hospitality, and a sense of humour

Extract from MSC Constitution #10

To be attentive to all human needs and aspirations

such as, the need to be respected as persons, the need for love and peace,

for freedom, justice and truth, and the search for meaning in life.

Extract from MSC Constitution #24

These qualities are also described by former Chevalier College Rector Fr Tyson Doneley msc OAM in his letter to future scholars (October 26 2012):

“Chevalier College with its ideal setting is where you can dream of those future years, then make your dream come true by living the qualities of the Chevalier – courage, compassion, energy and effort – as you follow your dreams with real action…”

Esprit du Chevalier Medal

(“Spirit of the Knight” Award)


1. Fr Tyson Doneley msc OAM


2. Mr Trevor Bouffier (CPS 1948) posthumously


3. Brigadier Damian Roche DSC (CPS 1973) posthumously


4. Sir John Dawanincura OBE (CPS 1964)


5. Dr Thomas Kubu (CPS 1975) posthumously


6. Mr Tony Herlihy (CPS 1954) posthumously


7. Fr John Franzmann msc


8. Mr Chris Topp


9. Emeritus Bishop Pat Power DD DCL


10. Hon John Fahey AC (CPS 1962)


11. Mr Bruce McDiarmid (CPS 1955)


12. Dulhunty / Williams Family



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