Pioneers Lunch


On Thursday 27 August 2014 over 100 past students from 1949 – 1959 gathered at Lidcombe Catholic Club to celebrate the First Pioneers Lunch.

This morning started with an address by the College Principal which was well received by all in attendance.

As a surprise the College arranged for the current students to record a version of the College Song that was sung by these past students during their days at Chev;


College Song

The way lads is long and

Youth is fleeing fast;

The Faith is young forever.

Its youth is never past

So, high be our hearts then

Young we’ll always stay,

And raise our standard

Strong in faith

We’re sons of Chevalier

So, high be our hearts then

Up and on our way,

Let’s raise our standard

Strong in faith

Were sons of Chevalier

We make now this pledge

Though far apart we be;

By faith ascending ever,

To meet in eternity.


Needless to say, these gentlemen were very impressed and requested we play the song again so they could sing along.


The day continued with lunch, awards ceremony and general mingling.  This was a fantastic reunion event!!



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