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This website is intended for the whole Chev community, but especially past students, as a way to maintain your connections with Chevalier College.

There is an annual magazine version of Shield&Heart but this website will have access to much more content than can be included in the printed publication, especially news, photos and video.

Chev Family

The Chev family is a term often heard around the College and within its community. It probably harks back in spirit to the origins of the College as a small boarding school for boys in the late 1940s, when a genuine sense of brotherhood and family first developed.

How to use this site

If you are a Chev Past Student, you should have received an email with a link to log in and your unique password.  

Once you log in with your password, you will be prompted to update your details and you can upload photos and update your bio at this point.  

Privacy Policy

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Get involved

From its beginning, Chev faced challenges to survive and prosper. It still does. As an independent school it always will. Chev would not be the college it is today without the constant strength of heart to keep meeting those challenges – and overcoming them. 

You have played your own role, no matter how small that be, in helping Chev to this point in its history. That makes you a member of the Chev family. We need our family, our community, to remain involved. Not just to be a part of our past and present, but to help shape our future.


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